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July 10, 2021

We help e-commerce businesses with unique products create soaring brand awareness and appreciation, build a loyal customer base of raving fans with a better way to advertise where they only pay for results, better than any sweepstakes or gaming company, even if they are risk-averse and hate to advertise.

PryzeBox is the marketplace where great products become great prizes. At the center of our marketplace are quality products from fantastic brands.

We host giveaways, sweepstakes, and contests.

Our games and competitions make it fun and easy to discover brands and products. This leads to increased product sales, brand awareness, and customer relationships.

In advertising models today, businesses risk cash upfront to interrupt and annoy people with the expectation of seeing a significant return on investment.

In the PryzeBox marketplace, products take center stage and are the advertisement to our user base. The business pays no advertising cost, and sales happen naturally. Only afterward does PryzeBox earn a modest commission.

Great products are the best advertisement, and PryzeBox was formed around that idea.

Sales are never easy. We are offering a safer, lower-risk way to make sales with lower costs. Our commissions are discounted with your discounts. What other advertising can say that? Facebook won’t cut ad costs if you don’t make sales. We take this journey with you, so our incentives are aligned.

We only win after you win.

If you are an e-commerce company with a unique and special product, wanting a better way to advertise and get discovered, and if you integrate with Shopify, give good prizes and coupons in exchange for new customers, then you will achieve increased sales from soaring brand awareness and appreciation, a loyal customer base of raving fans, and only pay for what works after you get paid, or else you owe us nothing, and get to keep the brand exposure for free.

About Pryzebox for Business

About Pryzebox for Business

Pryzebox: The World’s Only Marketplace for Giveaways, Contests, and Prizes.

To learn more about Pryzebox for Business see our primary business page, as well as the blog article, PryzeBox for Business: How This Innovative Marketplace Will Blow Your Mind.

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