Isn’t it great to win?
It kind of feels like magic!

The statement that started it all.

A concept, an idea, that has been in incubation for years. What kind of magic can be created by pairing unique, high-quality products with individuals that want them? What kind of magic can happen when individuals can play games or enter contests, and ultimately win prizes and deals for their favorite things? What kind of magic can businesses experience when they pay for advertising….only when it works?

Pryzebox logo

To make product discovery fun, easy, and rewarding for everyone.

A revolutionary idea that truly feels like magic.

An experienced team of individuals crossing many backgrounds banded together to make the magic come to life. Users discover cool products and win awesome pryzes, while businesses advertise their products and only pay when it works. The best of both worlds!

The Pryzebox team envisioned a world where advertising can be a win-win-win scenario. The customer wins, the business wins, and Pryzebox wins. In a world of zero-sum games, it’s a breath of fresh air!

Whether its helping the economy recover, bringing small business to your door, matching good customers with great brands, or making winning fun again, the Pryzebox experience is finally here!

Three core principles power what we do…


Serving our users and businesses is our top priority. For the Pryzebox experience to be realized, both parties must feel the magic!


Whether it’s increasing the opportunities our users have to discover new products and win, or multiplying the sales of our businesses, our goal is to maximize growth for everyone.


As a team that values honesty, transparency, and commitment, our goal is to do the right thing for our users and businesses. Integrity builds trust, and trust is what the magic is built on.