Play Games, Win Prizes

January 25, 2022

Or as we at Pryzebox like to say, “Play games, win ‘pryzes’.”

It’s as simple as that…
Play simple hyper-casual games for free on your phone and win legitimate high-quality prizes!
People are sometimes a little skeptical when they see our ads for products. After all, who hasn’t experienced the typical “bait-and-switch” of a normal giveaway contest or sweepstakes contest? We have all been in a situation where we had to fill out a ton of information and then got swarmed by salespeople, spam emails, and unwanted phone calls.
With Pryzebox, we decided to change all that and flip the entire industry on its’ head.
Here’s how it works…


Companies give away their products for free to promote themselves every day. Pryzebox brings them all together in one easy place.


Pryzebox takes these items and creates engaging giveaways and fun contests to play for the products you are interested in.


All prizes are sent directly to you from the brand. No matter the outcome, you’ll always walk away with a great discount to use for the product.

So in summary, Pryzebox is:

  • Easy to enter
  • Free to play
  • Always fun
  • No strings attached
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