PryzeBox for People: How This Hyper-Casual Gaming App Will Blow Your Mind

June 25, 2021

Finding and entering contests, sweepstakes, and games can be a huge headache.

For one thing, you have to fill out ridiculously long forms and enter time-consuming applications for something you doubt you’d ever have a chance of winning.

You also have to worry about getting a ton of spam and phone calls from salespeople harassing you. Who knows what questionable entities end up with your personal information?

Plus, even if you win, your “reward” is often some useless chintzy cheap tchotchke!

As a result, entering contests, sweepstakes, or games is often more trouble than it is worth, so you just give up.

Fortunately, there’s a better way…

Introducing, PryzeBox, The World’s Only Marketplace for Giveaways, Contests, and Prizes… so you can relax, knowing you can quickly and easily discover endless giveaways happening everywhere.

PryzeBox is where great products become great prizes. You can quickly discover and enter giveaways and contests for thousands of fantastic products, win free stuff, and have a good time doing it. You can play many different games in our app for free so that you can win cool stuff in your casual time. You get coupons to save money, and you can win a variety of prizes and stuff that you want.

PryzeBox is the place to enjoy the thrill of winning great prizes and the excitement of competing against others. Winning free stuff and having a good time competing is the PryzeBox approach to product advertising and discovery. This approach rewards our product partners with increased sales and customers with products they want to own.

Winning Products You Love

Pryzebox is a world of contests and prizes for unique and straight-up fantastic brands and their products. Are you looking to support small businesses? There’s no better way than with PryzeBox! These companies are looking to give quality merchandise away! The best part is that you can win free stuff just by playing games on your phone.

Finding Giveaways

The Pryzebox mobile app allows you to easily view and enter any product giveaway from our partner brands. Are you looking for a specific kind of product, brand, or category of product? The PryzeBox app allows easy selection and entry.

Compete to Win

Do you like to compete and win? Pryzebox allows you to enter and compete daily for hundreds of prizes. We optimize our puzzle, action, and arcade games for a quick casual mobile experience. Pick the product you want to win and enter the contest to compete with others for the prize.

Product Coupons

You love your brands and love the opportunity to get their products at a discount. Discover, save and apply the best product coupons to your purchases using the Pryzebox mobile app.

Personal Contests

Like our games? Make the most of our platform and host your own contests on the Pryzebox platform. We built our platform so that you can create your own tournaments. Invite your friends and family to your private invite-only matches.


Need more giveaways? Want to enter more giveaways and increase your chances of winning? Choose from our inexpensive membership tiers, refer your friends, or buy stuff from our partners. We offer many different incentive opportunities.

But perhaps the best part of all is that you get rewarded just for playing on your phone.

Isn't it great to win? It kinda feels like magic

Isn’t it great to win? It kinda feels like magic

To learn how PryzeBox can help you win free stuff and have a good time doing it, Go to and download our app from the app store.

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