Tired of Lackluster Shopify Store Sales?

July 13, 2021

Are you tired of lackluster results getting customers for your Shopify store?

Trying to get more customers for your Shopify store can often be ridiculously expensive, time-consuming, and ineffective.

Just think about your last automatic payment that Mark Zuckerberg’s digital sweaty palms pilfered from your account. This can easily start adding up to hundreds of thousands of dollars every month for a successful eCommerce business.

Not only that but because of Facebook’s incessant social “wokeness,” every word of copy you write and every image you post is incessantly scrutinized and blocked or banned, often by AI with zero respect to the benefit of the customer (you).

If you can get a hold of anybody over there to help, it’s usually some young punk who, if they cared any less, they’d be dead.

What’s worse, the new iOS updates have only been making it harder to get any predictable results at all. The all-knowing Facebook algorithm has a fraction of the data points it used to, and everybody is being taught how to opt out of anything that helps you put your ad in front of the right people. The targeting you used to be able to do in the “good-ol’ days” of Facebook advertising is long gone.

The only thing that seems to be increasing is the rate you spend money chasing after these lackluster results.

If this sounds all-too-familiar, you are going to love Pryzebox.

Pryzebox is The World’s Only Marketplace for Giveaways, Contests, and Prizes where you only pay for what works.

Instead of throwing good money after bad and being stuck in the rat race of social media interruptive marketing, Pryzebox allows you to find customers who are highly engaged, receptive and even looking for what you have to offer. It truly is an easy, low-barrier-to-entry, frictionless way to build your eCommerce business. Using prizes, contests, and giveaways, we help you sell your stuff, while you only pay for what works after you make money. In this way, you get more customers and increase sales without risk.

But that’s not even the best part! Just like your local bakery gives out samples of their cookies to passerby’s, so to Pryzebox enables you to introduce your brand and products to an audience of interested people through fun and interactive Giveaways and Contests, which create buzz and brand awareness. You get to include coupons for everyone who enters, and these people are more likely to buy from you since they already expressed interest in what you have to offer.

If all this sounds pretty awesome, but you are worried that you will have a hard time getting noticed, don’t forget that people love winning stuff, so the products you pledge will be part of a positive user experience and make you look like a hero just for being generous. We incentivize Pryzebox users to follow links to your site with coupon placement for your products and we do all the work.

Plus, this is out of a promotional budget that you are already blowing haphazardly elsewhere. Instead of giving away some free product to your cousin’s neighbor who doesn’t even want it, our marketplace ensures that you get it into the right hands; someone who is actually interested in buying, referring, and promoting your brand!

Pryzebox is not just an app to handle all your giveaways, like a sweepstakes service. Hyper-casual mobile gaming is a rapidly growing way for businesses to present products and advertisements quickly, fun, and simply. Pryzebox’s gameplay platform is here to promote and advertise your business and products during those casual moments when our users sit at the doctor’s office, waiting to pick up the kid from soccer practice or relaxing on the couch at the end of the day.

Tired of Lackluster Shopify Sales?

Tired of Lackluster Shopify Sales?

We help e-commerce businesses with unique products create soaring brand awareness and appreciation, build a loyal customer base of raving fans with a better way to advertise where you only pay for results, better than any sweepstakes or gaming company, even if you are risk-averse and hate to advertise. Just go to pryzebox.com/business or find us in the Shopify marketplace to get started.

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