Why You Should Be Like Bob

July 31, 2021

Meet Bob. Bob likes to enter contests and sweepstakes. He likes to play games on his phone in his free time. At first, Bob was excited to enter to win free stuff and have fun.

He stayed that way for a while, but over time, something changed. Although Bob was filling out a lot of forms, he wasn’t winning anything. No matter how many forms he filled out, or contests he registered for, it seemed he was getting further and further from the big prizes. Not only that, but he was getting inundated with sales calls, spam emails, and junk mail in his mailbox. Bob was bummed out because he felt like it was just flat out impossible to win a consolation, much less the grand prize.

At first, Bob struggled to figure out how to win cool stuff that he actually wanted to own… until he heard about PryzeBox—The World’s Only Marketplace for Giveaways, Contests, and Prizes.

So, he simply downloaded the app for free and it was there that he learned how easy it was to discover, play, and win. It was a place to discover cool new stuff, enjoy the thrill of winning great prizes, and the excitement of competing against others, all from one place and without complications.

By creating an account one time, Bob could enter as many contests or games as he wanted and search specifically for things that interested him, avoiding things that didn’t.

Pryzebox respected and protected Bob’s privacy. They didn’t sell his information to a bunch of hooligans—they used it responsibly to help him have a better experience and discover more of what he wanted.

Pryzebox assembled a fantastic collection of quality things in sufficient quantities so that Bob had a real chance of winning. And even the times he didn’t get something for free, he was rewarded with a coupon to get a fantastic deal on the item, saving him time and money.

Bob liked all of this, but what he enjoyed doing, even more, was inviting his friends to private contests where they could play to win real prizes they all could get excited about.

Because Pryzebox made things so simple and elegant, Bob thought it was worth a shot.

Fast-forward to a year later… today Bob is doing just great. He no longer worries about missing out on great opportunities to win cool stuff. He gets to see in an instant what companies are willing to do to get his attention, and he is in control. Instead, he’s getting the best deals and having a blast doing it.

And with more contests, for more stuff, more often, Bob’s feeling really happy again.

Be like Bob.

Visit Pryzebox.com or your favorite app store to download Pryzebox today, so you can start winning cool prizes too!

Be Like Bob

Be Like Bob

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